26.05 - Exposec Fair 2014

We thank all our partners and visitors for the presence and success in trade fairs 2014: Exposec and Abrint. Here is the latest in security technology services and Internet service providers. The events were ideas for conducting business, new partnerships al??, launching new products.

26.05 - Abranet 2014 Event

As previously announced our 2014 calendar is packed with events and new product releases and participating in the most prestigious fairs in Brazil.

28.08 - Anid Event - 2012

We are grateful to the market that welcomes us and believe in our work, once again Smart Lan has a presence in Fairs and Events segment.

28.08 - Enie Fair 2012

Present at the Fair Enie the Smart Lan Thank you for visiting the prestige, but a year beating record stakes in the largest industry events. "We are proud to have him as a partner, our mission is your satisfaction, thank you for believing in our work. "

28.08 - The Smart Lan in partnership with the Electrical Materials Kauer, the Fair Construsul.

We were there! It was an honor to stand beside one of our great partners, Kauer Electric is one of the largest distributors of Electrical Materials, located in Canoas - RS, administered by Mr. Sidinei the Kauer has been consolidated into the market every year. Being part of the growth and success of this company is a victory for us the Smart lan. Congratulations Sidinei Kauer and Staff!

28.08 - 4th Meeting of National Provider

30-31 July - S??o Paulo SP / Brazil

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